Studio cleanup sale

We’ll be reducing the number of amps, instruments and effects in the studio – temporarily. All items will be meticulously serviced before being put up for sale.

Up for grabs 09.08.19:

  • OLP HH stingray – NOK 2.000,-
  • ARP Little Brother (serial number 0001) – NOK 6.500,-
  • Crate Vintage Club combo, VC50 – NOK 3.500,-
  • Marshall 1974X handwired 18 watt combo – NOK 10.000,- be continued

Prices Q2 2019

We’re upping our service fees by 25% starting April 1st. This to amend a 50% increase in rent and a loss of 30K as the net result of more than 500 hours of vintage synth repairs in 2018. We most likely have to increase this by¬† another 25% in Q3.

Look here for further details.

Opening hours winter 2019

The CEM3340 reissue saves the day

Opening hours for delivery and pickup is at present restricted to weekdays between 10:00 and 16:00. Exceptions by appointment only.

Always get in touch prior to stopping by so we can coordinate field work and recording services with your visit.