Studio upgrade and cleanup sale

We’ll be upcycling a number of amps, instruments and effects in the studio. All items will be meticulously serviced before being put up for sale.

Up for grabs 12.12.19:

  • OLP HH stingray – NOK 2.500,-
  • DBX 676 channel strip – NOK 6.000,-
  • Marshall 1974X handwired 18 watt combo – NOK 10.000,-
  • Avalon VT 747 SP – NOK 18.000 ,- be continued

No more synths in 2019

..unless you’ve got a gig. We’ve got work enough to keep us occupied untli spring 2020. If you’ve got outboard, guitars, tube amplifiers or, well, other stuff, get in touch and we’ll sort it out.

Also, if you’re really keen to have your collection of vintage synths restored.. do give a beep if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. (Well, burned, chipped and sore, but still.)

Prices Q3 2019

We’re trying to stay at the same price level for the rest of the year. (A flat NOK 1000,- / hour for outboard and amps, 500,- / hour for stomp boxes, + MVA)

This means we have to expand the minimum bench fee (395,-/195,-) to apply to every single item you hand in for repairs, even if the culprit was just a dead battery or a wrongly interpreted user manual.

Further limitations to our repair services will be announced shortly.